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Karin Briden, Cambridge
“The garden office project has been special, exciting and out of the ordinary. I started with loose ideas but it was difficult to explain the look and feel we wanted. Mark guided and supported the design from the beginning concepts and all the way through to completion. As the building came together I would see that my initial ideas need adjusting, Mark always listened to me and happily offered solutions to accommodate my wishes. There was none of the usual builders repertory. This on the job evolution of building design has resulted in a ‘shed’ which exactly meets my needs.

There are a few features which have enhanced the build, the thermal insulation has really done its job, I started to use it just before Christmas with only a small old heater and I am quite warm enough. The tiles are made from recycled tyres and they look just like the slate tiles on our house and those around. Not only are these tiles environmentally sound but also quicker to install and there is less wastage because they are easier to cut.

In Cambridge space is such a premium, so even though the ‘shed’ is quite small, by cleverly planning the storage area it has made a significant impact on the clutter that was in the house. It has also given us an opportunity to develop the outside space, moving from a fairly unworkable garden into a wonderful outside room which we look forward to using when it gets warmer. The whole venture has been great fun and now I have a beautiful shed, which looks wonderful and works really well. I would thoroughly recommend myspace for any studio development”.

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