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flat roof studio

Flat Roof Studio

The roofs of our flat roof studios are covered with EPDM (very durable long-lasting rubber) not roofing felt, so you will not need to worry about leaks. Our flat roof studios will not usually require planning permission.

Natural Slate Roof

Natural Slate Roof

Natural slate with three velux roof windows.



Natural slate offers waterproof protection as well as luxurious appearance, with the benefit of a low carbon footprint.

Cedar Shingle Roof

Cedar Shingle Roof




Cedar Shingle is a hard wearing wood that remains attractive and offers great insulation and good ventilation.

Sedum roof

Sedum Roof

We also specialise in living, green sedum roofs. This will require virtually no maintenance, is good for biodiversity and excellent for both acoustic and thermal insulation. It remains green throughout the year and also flowers.

Sedum - a natural, low maintenance roofing product. Forms a 'carpet' often with a mix of greens, reds, yellows, and purples.


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